Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Who wouldn't want to teach this class?


Harry , Ron and Hermione

Harry, Ron and Hermione.


I've never drawn Pikachu before, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
I got to practice my digital painting a bit more, and improving on that
is something I really want to do.

Suicide Squad!!

I cannot wait ti see David Ayer's Suicide Squad. I love the re-design
of the Joker and Harley.

Over the Garden Wall

What fantastic show this was, wish it didn't end. 

Over the Garden Wall

Invader Zim

I would love the chance to work on this property

You're killing me Smalls

     The Sandlot

Comic Covers -Store variants

 I was asked to create these two store variant covers ( TMNT for Double Midnight Comics
and The Ghostbusters for Merrymac Ganes and Comics).
I love doing covers and hopefully I'll get to do more someday.

New Work at Disney's WonderGround Gallery

I was so excited to work on new pieces for Disney's Wonderground Gallery. These three images
were released back in July and working on properties like Chewbacca, Haunted Mansion,
and Alice in Wonderland was a dream com true. I was recently asked to com back and work on
new pieces for 2016 , so keep your eyes peeled.

"what a wookie"

" one cup or two "

"foolish mortals"

Classic Batman and Robin

This image of Batman and Robin I created for a gallery show, it was the 
first time I felt like I was using "my style" to it fullest. This is another image that people 
ask me about a lot. I'm really happy this piece has lasted all these years

Sad Hulk

The Sad Hulk, this is another piece I get asked about constantly. 
This is a watercolor form back in 2011, that I still see pop up
on different sites from time to time. 

Classic Joker and Harley

These are two of more popular images. To this day I still have fan come
up to me because of these two paintings. Ive synth tattooed on fans, used as
phone cases for sale on Amazon and all over Asia ( without my permission),
as cell phone wallpaper..etc. I am deeply flattered people have such deep connection to 
these two images.

This is Halloween

A Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. It has some of
the best visuals of any movie and the score is perfect. This is a tribute
piece  I did, with the idea to create more movie poster then a print.

A Day To Remember

I was asked to create two limited edition prints for the band A Day To Remember.
These limited edition prints were for their "home coming " show in Orlando at the Hard Rock.
I had a blast working on these and was really honored to work on them for the band.

copyright Flysouth music

Why So Serious ?!!

The Joker is my FAVORITE character to draw. I had a lot of fun playing around with
the style for this piece. 

Spectacular Spider-Man

I wanted to do a new Spider-Man piece, I wanted to use a more dynamic pose and 
brighter color palette as well. I'm pretty happy with the outcome .

After I finished it I put together a mock up of what this piece would 
look like as an actual Marvel Cover. Like I said I'm ready,
willing and able for over work..just waiting for the chance.

Joker and Jason Voorhees Commissions

Suicide Squad Joker Commission -Copic on Epson paper

                                        Jason Voorhees Commission -Copic on Epson paper

Rocket and Groot

       I did this piece awhile back, before the movie came out when there were just a few teaser images
       of Rocket and Groot.  Its still a fan favorite to this day.

       (Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop)